PIPOLINO beige and taupe anti-stress kibble dispenser



In nature, animals spend a large part of their time looking for food and eating it. With domestication, they only have to wait for the bowl to fill up and the meal represents only a tiny part of the day.
PIPOLINO beige and taupe anti-stress kibble dispenser is a unique anti-stress kibble dispenser. it has multiple benefits and can be used with dogs, cats and even rodents. A real occupation toy for your pet.
Available in several sizes, the Pipolino allows you to distribute kibble or treats randomly and slowly according to the movements of the occupation toy. The animal is therefore forced to activate and move the toy so that the kibbles are released one by one.
The Pipolino replaces the daily bowl, just fill it with the ration of kibble and put it on the ground. Dogs and cats will thus be able to eat slowly, pass the time and avoid boredom.
The positive points :
– Parsimonious distribution of kibble, ideal for gluttons
– Avoid boredom
– Reduces anxiety and stress
– Increases the physical and mental abilities of the animal
Depending on the setting, the daily use time is 4 hours for cats and ferrets, 2 hours for dogs and 4 to 12 hours for rabbits and rodents.
Characteristics – PIPOLINO beige and taupe anti-stress kibble dispenser:
– Suitable for small animals, cats and dogs
– Stimulates the search for food
– Prevents boredom and stress
– Occupation toy
– Allows better digestion
– Available in different sizes depending on the animal and the size of the croquettes or treats
– Beige and taupe colors


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