GankPike Aquatic Marine Aquarium



28 liter ultra clear glass arch aquarium for saltwater fish, reef and coral. 5 liter rear filtration area and 23 liter front use area. L: 30 x W: 28~35 x H: 30cm.
Equipped with biochemical and mechanical filter, adjustable pump and protein skimmer to keep your aquarium clean and provide the perfect environment for fish, reefs and corals.
The aquarium features an aluminum alloy LED light to showcase your fish, reefs and corals. The LED light has 3 color modes, 5 intensity levels and auto-off timer, which helps coral growth.
Complete aquarium kit including: 28 liter aquarium with cover, LED lamp, quiet energy pump, protein skimmer, heater, LCD digital thermometer, two biochemical sponges and a pack of ceramic rings.
Easy to install for saltwater aquarium.


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